Welcome to the Scottish Home Improvement Awards.

By registering for this competition you do accept that if your business should be successful in reaching the final of the Italian Awards, a representative must attend the Gala Final (first ticket discounted).

In fairness to the other competitors, if a representative of your business is unable to attend the management have the right to remove your entry from finalist list. If the event had to be postponed and  new date is set then no refunds will be given. If the event has to be cancelled and a new date is not announced a refund maybe available at the discretion of the management team.

All decisions on refunds will be made at the management’s discretion

The maximum number of categories that your business can enter is three.

Whilst management accept all constructive feedback. Any business (company or staff member) or individual who continues to bring the awards and or company (Paramount Creative) into disrepute the management have the right to remove your business from the competition.